Our Philosophy

At JinJu Chocolates our aspiration is to create the highest quality of exceptional chocolates that are hand-crafted with traditional flavors and modern twists. They are treasured for their simplicity of ingredients, their artistic beauty and enjoyed for their intense, balanced flavors and smooth luxurious taste. JinJu by origin means pearls or treasures. And just as pearls, by discovery are treasures to have, so too are JinJu Chocolates.

We are honored to be one of the “exclusive Chocolatiers” to offer Fortunato No. 4 Pure Nacional Peru chocolate, which we hand craft into ultimate taste experiences.

Our Chocolatier

Jin Caldwell, Master Chocolatier, award-winning Pastry Chef and founder of JinJu Chocolates, is a native of Korea who, as a young passionate culinary graduate sought a place to channel her creativity. Jin’s chocolate journey began under the guidance of some of the world’s top Pastry Chef’s in Las Vegas. Her diligence, love of chocolate and creativity led her to become a Chocolatier and Pastry Chef at Bellagio Hotel and Wynn-Las Vegas Resort producing award-winning chocolate masterpieces, spectacular sculptures and delectable desserts.

“Having worked with some of the top pastry chef’s in Las Vegas, my admiration for their talents, creativity and visions led me to being a chocolatier. They taught me the meaning of a chocolatier. It is not about a chef who makes chocolates. It is about hard work, dedication to my craft, and following my passion to produce the highest quality chocolates.” - Chocolatier, Jin Caldwell

To pursue her chocolate passion, Jin became Master Chocolatier for Ethel’s chocolates and for six years provided product innovation direction to MARS Chocolate, Inc. In that time, she won numerous awards and was honored to be the only female on the 2009 “One of the Top 10 Chocolatiers” in North America by Pastry Arts and Design Publication. In addition, she led the only all female team to a silver medal in the 2007 National Pastry Team Championship.

In 2011, Jin left the corporate world and launched her own business, JinJu Chocolates. Her philosophy is simple, “exceptional chocolate should be an experience of all five senses and treasured for simplicity of ingredients”. Jin’s passion for producing premium quality artisan chocolates is understood in each piece she creates. She believes in using only the freshest, all-natural ingredients, sourced from seasonal local ingredients that are preservative free with premium Swiss chocolate. She is proud to be a boutique chocolatier ensuring the quality, taste, and designs in every piece. Her chocolates will tantalize and delight your senses and you, too will discover true chocolate treasures within her collections.

"JinJu Chocolates are hand-crafted, using only natural ingredients without preservatives. 
We only produce our chocolates in small batches to showcase the freshest product possible."
 — Chocolatier - Jin Caldwell

Our Clients

JinJu Chocolates supplies wholesale products to the following luxury properties

Testimonials & Accolades

I have known & worked with Jin for 8 years. Jin is an excellent manager, a dedicated educator, an effective leader, and most of all, a humble colleague.

During her tenure at Wynn Las Vegas as our Chocolatier, Jin has made significant contributions to her teams’ career advancement through her dedication in coaching and mentoring her subordinates. While Jin is extremely loyal to the members of her team, she is also consistently focused on the success of the business as a whole. Jin is innovative, organized, and very energetic about the pastry field. She has keen insight and committed work habits. She takes professional risks to achieve success without compromising her quality of product. Additionally, she not only has an excellent educational background but also has exceptional professional and industry experience.

David Snyder - Executive Chef
Wynn/Encore Las Vegas Resort/Hotel

Defiantly not an ordinary chocolate, which totally makes thing extraordinary! Beautiful sleek designs followed by unique delicious taste make the gift of these chocolates extra special! This takes satisfying your sweet tooth to a whole other level! I love JinJu Chocolates!

Diona Carrillo – Marketing Supervisor
Whole Foods market

“JinJu Chocolates is a pleasure to work. Jin produces our line of signature gourmet chocolate bars based on popular cake flavors at our restaurants in San Diego - Extraordinary Desserts. She is creative, professional, detail oriented, and on-schedule. We recently developed two new flavors to add to our collection of bars with Jin and they were an immediate hit with our customers. We sold out of the new bars within three weeks. We highly recommend JinJu Chocolates as a chocolate partner.”

Karen Krasne - Owner

JinJu Chocolates are a delectable product that delight your senses visually with their beautiful colors and shine, and then tantalize your taste buds with unique flavor combinations. The salted citrus caramel, the pecan caramel, the almond dragees are some of the best in the industry. The perfectly roasted nuts play off of the flavor of a butter rich caramel or the balanced dark chocolate to perfection. Jin Caldwell is truly devoted to her craft and her specialization in the chocolate field is evident in her creations.

Mellisa Root - Executive Pastry Chef Rosewood Sandhill


For the past year I have been using JinJu Chocolates for my special projects. I have been very pleased by her work and dedication. Exquisite Variety of Bonbons and truffles are excellent. Keep up the good work!

Franck Sauvat - Executive Pastry Chef
Rio Suite Hotel & Casino


As a private Jewelry Design House in Beverly Hills for the past 20 years catering to European Royalty, A-List Celebrities and members of the Forbes 50, we never thought we would be working in chocolate. That day came, however when we decided to create a collection of chocolate based on a piece of jewelry we designed. Thank God for Jin Caldwell. Having no idea where to begin, Jin was not just kind and resourceful; she was creative and committed to our success. That combined with the fact that she makes chocolates that buckle one¹s knees, has made her the perfect partner in launching our chocolate collection. Thank you Jin.

Pericles – Founder
Edwards & Rellas

Jin Caldwell, “Jinju Chocolates”, is an artist and perfectionist in Chocolate Craftsmanship! As one of the “Best Chocolatiers”, she is disciplined to the finer detail of perfecting flavors. Compliment by her artistically talents, Jin’s creation of “Unique Modern Jewelry” in chocolates confections is simply amazing and simply delicious!

Stanton Ho
SHO Chocolatier & Pastry Chef Consultant

In an age when a lot of delightful luxuries, from thick Sunday edition of newspapers to shoeshine boys, are quickly disappearing, discovering JinJu Chocolates, has been a wonderful and exquisite surprise. The chocolates are smooth and intense. They are pure and highly sophisticated, and the indulgence of enjoying some is simply luxurious. Take time and indulge yourself … try these delectable, incredibly crafted chocolates. It's as important as your daily workout...and sumptuously opulent! –

Navin Sawhney - Jan 2013 Connecticut