Chocolate Assortments

LUXURY 64-Piece Chocolate Collection
The ultimate chocolate experience with 64 pieces of the best JinJu Chocolates has to offer. This 4-tiered box includes favorites from each signature collection including our dec..
LUXURY 32-Piece Chocolate Collection
Our 32-piece gourmet chocolate assortment will deliver pure joy to any chocolate lover. Our 2-tiered box offers a sampling from each of our signature collections. Take a journey..
AKOYA 32-Piece Collection
Indulge your senses in our 32-piece Akoya Collection. A rich journey of tantalizing flavors that includes: Berry Mascarpone, Key Lime, Lemon White Chocolate, Tropical Fruit, and..
AKOYA 16-Piece Collection
Our 16-piece bonbon collection offers a selection of velvety smooth infused flavors that include: Berry Mascarpone, Key Lime, Lemon White Chocolate, Tropical Fruit and Vanilla C..
AKOYA 4-Piece Collection
A unique sampling of our elegant bonbons, beautifully packaged and perfect as a party or wedding favor and a good size for you to sample our treasure gems. Also available:&n..
KESHI 32-Piece Collection
JinJu Chocolates uses the time honored traditions of European techniques to create a 32-piece collection of unique bonbons with incredible flavors. This collection offers intens..
KESHI 16-Piece Collection
  Our 16 piece collection of European fine chocolates offers silky smooth ganache infused flavor combinations that are sure to tempt your taste buds. Each piece is hand..
KESHI 4-Piece Collection
Whether you are looking for a wedding or party favors or would like to sample our European style bonbons, the Keshi 4-piece collection offers the perfect sized gift, beautifully..
TRUFFLE 32-Piece Collection
Indulge in chocolate decadence with our 32-piece Truffle Collection. Each truffle is a statement for our passion to create the finest European chocolate truffles. Our truffles b..
TRUFFLE 16-Piece Collection
A 16-piece collection that showcases our artisan abilities to create decadent European chocolate truffles. We hand blend the highest quality ingredients with fresh cream and pre..
TRUFFLE 4-piece Collection
Need a smaller Chocolate Truffle Collection for party or wedding favors or just a chocolate truffle fix? Our 4-piece collection is beautifully packaged and complete with hand ti..
JinJu Signature Fortunato & Novelty 8 Tube Collection
This collection offers JinJu Fortunato No. 4 chocolates & JinJu Signature novelty chocolates, packaged in an assortment of 8 tube containers. Ideal gift for any special o..