AKOYA 32-Piece Collection
AKOYA 32-Piece Collection

Indulge your senses in our 32-piece Akoya Collection. A rich journey of tantalizing flavors that includes: Berry Mascarpone, Key Lime, Lemon White Chocolate, Tropical Fruit, and Vanilla Dream. Each bonbon is hand molded and airbrushed to perfection. Enjoy our beautifully decorated gems of flavor.

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Box Collection:
Berry Mascarpone
Sweet summertime memories come alive with a smooth mascarpone crème ganache layered with summer berry jelly and molded in 38% smooth Swiss milk chocolate.
Vanilla Dream
This heavenly dream blends creamy Swiss milk chocolate ganache with Tahitian vanilla bean infused caramel and finished with luscious dark chocolate.
Key Lime
A refreshing combination of fresh key lime juice and zest blended with creamy smooth white milk chocolate ganache, nestled in rich 64% Swiss dark chocolate.
Tropical Fruit
Feel the island breeze with our smooth ganache blended with passion fruit and mango puree and finished with a hint of vanilla, all perfectly balanced in creamy milk chocolate.
Lemon White Chocolate
The taste of sunshine with lemon infused tangy white chocolate ganache covered in a thin creamy, sweet white chocolate shell, creating a smooth balance of flavors.
*We reserve the right to change the selection of flavors within each box