LUXURY 32-Piece Chocolate Collection
LUXURY 32-Piece Chocolate Collection

Our 32-piece gourmet chocolate assortment will deliver pure joy to any chocolate lover. Our 2-tiered box offers a sampling from each of our signature collections. Take a journey through our selection and enjoy the experience of handcrafted chocolates.

Also available: 64-piece Luxury Chocolate Collection

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Box Collection:
42% Silk
A milk chocolate lover’s delight with our simple, silky smooth bonbon made with 42% creamy milk chocolate - vanilla bean ganache, enrobed in a layer of smooth milk chocolate.
72% Dark Chocolate
Indulge in decadence with pure 72% premium, buttery dark chocolate ganache, covered in Swiss dark chocolate.
Dark Raspberry
Enjoy a lush combination of intense dark chocolate with fresh raspberries and raspberry puree, drenched in rich Swiss dark chocolate.
Dark Lavender
Darkended milk chocolate ganache infused with French lavender flower
Toasted Coconut
A dreamy combination of delicately toasted coconut blended with smooth white chocolate, dipped in rich dark chocolate.
A beautiful melding of flavors with the brightness of fresh citrus zest combined with a luxuriously rich and incredibly smooth blend of Swiss milk and dark chocolate, covered in rich 64% Swiss dark chocolate.
Hazelnut Praline
Take a bite out of our caramelized hazelnut blended with milk chocolate and sea salt. Taste the perfect harmony of sweet, salty and creamy milk chocolate all in one bite.
Tahitian Creme
An exotic combination of white chocolate infused with Tahitian vanilla beans with a hint of rum, covered in rich dark chocolate.
Espresso Crunch
An unexpected combination of silky smooth dark chocolate ganache infused with Italian espresso, layered with caramel bits.
Fig and Red Wine
Black figs soaked in Primitivo (blended red wine) for 48 hours, blended with Swiss milk and dark chocolate and local honey
Berry Mascarpone
Sweet summertime memories come alive with a smooth mascarpone crème ganache layered with summer berry jelly and molded in 38% smooth Swiss milk chocolate.
Vanilla Dream
This heavenly dream blends creamy Swiss milk chocolate ganache with Tahitian vanilla bean infused caramel and finished with luscious dark chocolate.
Key Lime
A refreshing combination of fresh key lime juice and zest blended with creamy smooth white milk chocolate ganache, nestled in rich 64% Swiss dark chocolate.
Tropical Fruit
Feel the island breeze with our smooth ganache blended with passion fruit and mango puree and finished with a hint of vanilla, all perfectly balanced in creamy milk chocolate.
Lemon White Chocolate
The taste of sunshine with lemon infused tangy white chocolate ganache covered in a thin creamy, sweet white chocolate shell, creating a smooth balance of flavors.
Mint Chocolate Chip
Fresh mint leaf infused milk and dark chocolate ganache
Matcha Truffle
Enjoy the perfect harmony of intense, Matcha green tea powder and creamy white chocolate, cast in rich dark chocolate.
Honey Truffle
A delicate balance of local sweet organic honey blended with luscious Swiss milk and dark chocolates, covered in dark chocolate.
64% Dark Chocolate Truffle
Intense chocolate indulgence, made with pure dark chocolate, blended with Tahitian vanilla bean pods and sweet cream, covered in dark chocolate.
Champagne Truffle
A toast to a perfectly paired combination of silken smooth dark chocolate ganache, blended with fine French Cognac champagne, covered in dark chocolate.
Sea Salt Caramel Dark Truffle
A luscious combination of velvety smooth dark chocolate caramel, blended with milk chocolate, enclosed in a rich dark chocolate shell and topped with Himalayan sea salt.
Sea Salt Caramel Milk Truffle
Deep (burnt) caramel blended with milk chocolate, enclosed in rich milk chocolate shell, topped with Himalayan sea salt.
Espresso Caramel
A harmonious blend of full-bodied Italian espresso infused sweet buttery caramel, covered in rich 64% premium dark chocolate and topped with espresso infused sea salt for a beautiful balance of flavors.
*We reserve the right to change the selection of flavors within each box