TRUFFLE 32-Piece Collection
TRUFFLE 32-Piece Collection

Indulge in chocolate decadence with our 32-piece Truffle Collection. Each truffle is a statement for our passion to create the finest European chocolate truffles. Our truffles begin by hand blending the highest quality ingredients, fresh cream and couverture Swiss chocolate to create our velvety smooth ganache centers and then enrobed with Swiss chocolates for that perfect bite. The assortment includes: Matcha Tea, Sea Salt Caramel, Chai Tea, Organic Honey, Champagne, PB&J (a classic childhood favorite), Cappuccino, and 64% Dark Chocolate Truffle. Journey through our land of chocolate truffles and find your treasured piece.

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Box Collection:
Matcha Truffle
Enjoy the perfect harmony of intense, Matcha green tea powder and creamy white chocolate, cast in rich dark chocolate.
Honey Truffle
A delicate balance of local sweet organic honey blended with luscious Swiss milk and dark chocolates, covered in dark chocolate.
64% Dark Chocolate Truffle
Intense chocolate indulgence, made with pure dark chocolate, blended with Tahitian vanilla bean pods and sweet cream, covered in dark chocolate.
Champagne Truffle
A toast to a perfectly paired combination of silken smooth dark chocolate ganache, blended with fine French Cognac champagne, covered in dark chocolate.
Sea Salt Caramel Truffle
A luscious combination of velvety smooth dark chocolate caramel, blended with milk chocolate, enclosed in a rich dark chocolate shell and topped with Himalayan sea salt.
PB&J Truffle
Enjoy a childhood favorite with a twist. All natural peanut butter pralines with a hint of sea salt, are layered with summer berry jelly, enclosed in a rich dark chocolate.
Chai Tea Truffle
A comforting warm blend of smooth milk chocolate infused with Chai spice tea, surrounded in rich dark chocolate.
Cappuccino Truffle
Immerse yourself with Italian espresso beans infused in fresh cream, blended with smooth Swiss white and milk chocolate ganache, cast in dark chocolate.
*We reserve the right to change the selection of flavors within each box