KESHI 4-Piece Collection
KESHI 4-Piece Collection

Whether you are looking for a wedding or party favors or would like to sample our European style bonbons, the Keshi 4-piece collection offers the perfect sized gift, beautifully packaged and hand tied with one of our elegant ribbons. Perfect for any gift giving occasion.

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Box Collection:
Toasted Coconut
A dreamy combination of delicately toasted coconut blended with smooth white chocolate, dipped in rich dark chocolate.
Hazelnut Praline
Take a bite out of our caramelized hazelnut blended with milk chocolate and sea salt. Taste the perfect harmony of sweet, salty and creamy milk chocolate all in one bite.
Dark Raspberry
Enjoy a lush combination of intense dark chocolate with fresh raspberries and raspberry puree, drenched in rich Swiss dark chocolate.
72% Dark Chocolate
Indulge in decadence with pure 72% premium, buttery dark chocolate ganache, covered in Swiss dark chocolate.
*We reserve the right to change the selection of flavors within each box