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Fortunato No. 4

Fortunato No. 4 Chocolate Bar
Discover the "World's Rarest Chocolate" with our Fortunato No. 4 Pure Nacional Chocolate Bar. A legendary 68% Grand Cru dark chocolate molded into our signature co..
Fortunato No. 4 Pearls: Honey Comb
Mother Nature at its best with our Fortunato No. 4 Honey Comb Pearls. We handcraft each piece by blending Fortunato No. 4 chocolate with honey powder. Adding a textural dimensio..
Fortunato No. 4 Trio Collection
Fortunato No. 4 Trio Collection of Pure Nacional Dark Chocolate. Collection includes one tube of each: Merlot Sea Salt, Peruvian Sea Salt and Raspberry.  Exclusive product ..
Fortunato No. 4 Pearls: Peruvian Sea Salt
Salty sweet combination of Peruvian origins. Our Fortunato No. 4 Peruvian Sea Salt chocolates are handcrafted from pure high-quality Peruvian Fortunato No. 4 Pure Nacional Choco..
Fortunato No. 4 Pearls: Raspberry
We have enhanced the floral notes of the rare and treasured Pure Nacional 68% Fortunato No. 4 chocolate by topping the handcrafted pearls with dried raspberries creating a sweet..
Fortunato No. 4 Pearls: Vintage Merlot Sea Salt
A perfect pairing complements this legendary pure chocolate. Each handcrafted Peruvian Pure Nacional 68% Fortunato No. 4 pearl is topped with sea salt infused with the concentra..
JinJu Signature Fortunato & Novelty 8 Tube Collection
This collection offers JinJu Fortunato No. 4 chocolates & JinJu Signature novelty chocolates, packaged in an assortment of 8 tube containers. Ideal gift for any special o..