Fortunato No. 4 Chocolate Bar
Fortunato No. 4 Chocolate Bar

Discover the "World's Rarest Chocolate" with our Fortunato No. 4 Pure Nacional Chocolate Bar. A legendary 68% Grand Cru dark chocolate molded into our signature cocoa pod mold creates the perfect way to taste this treasured find. Indulge your senses, as you taste this single origin chocolate with unique characteristics of flavor. It is an experience as the chocolate melts and you taste the delicate fruity and floral notes and then finishes with smoothness, and nutty coffee flavors, completely lacking the bitterness associated with dark chocolate. The flavors of this chocolate bar lingers leaving you wanting more. We are proud to be able to offer you this unique tasting experience with our Fortunato No. 4 Chocolate Bar.

45 grams

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