JinJu's Signature Chocolate Bars - 7 Bar Collection
JinJu's Signature Chocolate Bars - 7 Bar Collection

Delightful holiday gift idea for co-workers, friends & family. JinJu’s Signature Chocolate Bars are created to celebrate and embrace our local Las Vegas community. Enjoy our unique and delicious flavors of Las Vegas chocolates and  2 holiday flavors, anytime, anywhere. Collection includes 7 chocolate bars: Peppermint Crunch (64% dark chocolate, peppermint bits, mint-dark chocolate ganache), Pumpkin Pie (38% milk chocolate, pumpkin puree, spices, sea salt, crisp pie crust), Elviiis (San Francisco milk chocolate, peanut butter mousse, & banana chips), 702Mob (Swiss milk chocolate, toffee bits, caramelized pecans, toasted coconut), Sin City (64% dark chocolate, French vanilla caramel, Himalayan sea salt), Red Rock (darkened milk chocolate, caramelized almonds, dried raspberries & cocoa nibs),  & Show Girl (Swiss milk chocolate, summer berries, short bread cookies).

700 grams

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*We reserve the right to change the selection of flavors within each box